CMM Auto Reports is a software developed in Microsoft Access that allows users to select 100’s of PC-DMIS or PolyWorks export Excel files and quickly imports, compiles, and sorts points into one of four report templates.


Professional Report Templates

  • Layout report (multiple pieces)
  • Gage Certification
  • Capability Study
  • Single Piece
  • Tasks Automated regularly customizes this software to auto fill your current report templates!

Workflow (Easy as 1-2-3!)

  1. Select from one to hundreds of files at once
  2. Enter Job (report header) information
  3. Click export to create you report

Cavity Feature

The cavity feature allows you to easily assign certain parts or files to cavity groups.

Each cavity group will appear as a separate tab or sheet in the excel report.

For example, if there are 5 cavities of 10 parts each, the excel report will contain 5 separate reports, each on its own excel tab with its 10 parts.